The Sheppards { Kiawah Island Family }

With a gorgeous waterfront, endless natural beauty and resort atmosphere, Kiawah Island is the perfect vacation spot.  Kiawah Island family portraits take the best the island has to offer and uses it as the backdrop for what always end up being lively and fun affairs.  For the Sheppards, Kiawah was the ideal location for their family portraits, and Bridgit had such a fun time with them.  The two parents and their young children were all about the candid photos and simply wanted Bridgit there to take a few snaps of them enjoying their day.  We love that everyone dressed to match in blues, white, and khaki with button-ups and shorts for the guys and sundresses for the ladies.  They looked right at home on the beach.

The children were the superstars of the day.  Their daughter seemed a bit shy but she was far from it, always ready for that next picture with a bit of adorable sass.  Their son was a fireball and we had so much fun seeing that playful energy wonderfully contribute to their family photos.  From hanging out with his dad to totally photobombing his parents, he was a blast!  And then he got attacked by his sister and they had a tickle war.  These two were just so much fun!

Everyone spent a bit of time out on the resort’s lawn, but they were itching to get to the water.  Finally on the beach, they let loose a little and splashed around in the waves.  Their laughter echoed over the surf and shows through in their portraits.  We adore that the parents took just a few moments to share a kiss or two by the water.  In such a gorgeous setting, a little romance is never a bad thing.  And we’re glad to have been there to capture all these little moments for the Sheppard family.

Thank you all for bringing us along for part of your vacation.  We had so much fun getting to know you!

Photographer: Bridgit | Editor: Priscilla