The Richters { Hampton Park Family Portraits }

Emily recently had the privilege of capturing some fun Hampton Park family portraits and we’re happy to share some highlights from this family session. Hampton Park is a beautiful space located near the Citadel campus and boasts some of Charleston’s most scenic vistas and well-kept landscapes. As it features many flora indigenous to the Charleston area, the park is a perfect snapshot of Lowcountry outdoors and provides many different background options. From sprawling live oaks to crape myrtles and the extensive gardens, the abundant natural beauty perfect for any event.

Emily made great use of the environment during her time with the Richter family. The coordinated ensemble of blues and denim elicits a sense of Southern charm and comfort. With moss hanging in the background, the Richter family’s first portrait featured everyone and it was all smiles! One of our favorite things to do with families and couples alike, if they are adventurous enough, is to get them to climb a tree. The Richters were game and we adore the beautiful pictures we were able to capture. After a series of photos with the respective couples, including a beautiful black and white one underneath a lamppost, Emily made sure to get the family together for a portrait that will look perfect hanging on a wall. Following a precious mother-daughter portrait alongside some vibrant flowers, Emily snapped one more of the entire family walking along a beautiful lane, laughing and joking with one another to end the day.

Thank you for choosing Riverland Studios to capture your family portraits and we hope you enjoyed your time in Charleston for your mother’s birthday!

Photographer / Editor: Emily


Venue: Hampton Park