The Baldwins { Downtown Charleston Portraits }

The Holy City is filled with so much natural beauty and historic charm that it is the ideal location for those perfect family photos.  Some recent Downtown Charleston portraits featuring the Baldwin family captured everything amazing about Charleston, and Emily B. was there to capture it all.  She met up with the family at White Point Garden where live oaks blot out the sun, creating a patchwork of light and shade across the cool grass.  The gazebo in the center is an excellent choice for portraits, getting folks up off of the ground and placing the beautiful trees or the nearby Harbor in the background.

We adore families that color coordinate, and the Baldwins opted for varying shades of blue and khaki for their palette.  Beneath a clear, sunny sky the blues reflected the serenity of the day.  Emily found many different venues for portraits, including a few unique gates and home-fronts as well as quiet lanes tucked away in the Charleston streets.  For a family that embraces its quirks and outgoing personalities, they were a blast to be around and made each portrait feel perfect.

We can’t say enough how fast we fell in love with the young man with the bright smile.  He was the heart and soul of the portraits and the warmth in his grin was infectious.  He cackled as his picture was taken, and he climbed over anyone and everything chasing what was just out of reach.  Such a cutie!

Thank you all for bringing us along as you ventured around our lovely city.  We hope you had a  wonderful time on your vacation and you’ll think of us again when you return!

Photographer: Emily B. | Editor: Haley