Teri { Boone Hall Plantation Bridal Portraits }

Amanda had the privilege to meet up with Teri for some fantastic Boone Hall Plantation bridal portraits and we’re excited to share them with you today! Known for its historic charm, avenue of oaks and beautiful waterfront backdrops, Boone Hall has become one of the area’s most sought after venues. Amanda used every bit of Boone Hall’s natural beauty to compliment the smiling bride and her lovely bridal ensemble. Her strapless ballgown with sweetheart neckline is absolutely stunning, featuring lace patterning across the bodice. A lovely gold and pearlescent necklace and a soft and elegant pink and white bouquet are the perfect compliments to such a romantic and elegant look!

Boone Hall’s iconic hanging moss was the perfect background to begin the day, providing something deeply southern to the events, as if they’d ventured down a forgotten lane and found themselves somewhere timeless. Teri looks enchanting as she smiles beneath the trees with sunlight filtering through. The flowers in some of the branches above added a lovely splash of color to the portraits. We love the exceptional beauty of Teri’s exploration of the Cotton Dock on Horlback Creek. She looks stunning against the rustic wooden doors and we adore the wistful looks Amanda captured when it appeared as if Teri was lost in the moment. Staring out of the window toward the lovely marshes, you can see contentment on the bride-to-be’s face and that is lovely to witness.

Teri, thank you so much for selecting Riverland Studios for your bridal portraits and allowing us to share in your lovely wedding day. We wish Dakota and you perfect bliss this moment and every moment for many years to come.

Photographer: Amanda | Editor: Noni