Susan { William Aiken House Bridal }

We’re excited to share some William Aiken House bridal portraits recently captured by Emily B.  Bridal portraits are one of the loveliest moments in the wedding process, showcasing the bride-to-be’s ensemble and letting her be the center of attention.  Placing a beautiful bride in a stunning location like the William Aiken House creates the perfect portraits.  Susan was stunning in her lace bodice and flowing skirt.  The beaded midriff, open-toed white and gold wedges and white rose bouquet were amazing compliments, resulting in an airy, sophisticated look. Against the vibrant colors of the house’s interior, Susan was breathtaking.

With rich reds, subtle blues and the vintage feel of historic Charleston, the William Aiken House’s rooms are perfect for brides looking for a truly southern atmosphere for their portraits.  Emily chose the red room with its wide windows and abundant natural light to start.  The red, gold and white palette complimented her gown perfectly.  Antique furniture and tall windows awaited the ladies as they moved to a room of cornflower blue.  The centerpiece here was the window with the ornate curtains which framed Susan beautifully.

Outside, the William Aiken House is vibrant and gorgeous with soft yellow walls, white trim, and piazzas for lovely open-air portraits.  Susan looked simply regal against the golden hue.  The real showstopper for the house’s exterior is its private garden, which is perfect for portraits or an intimate outdoor ceremony.  With the magnolias in bloom and an explosion of green around her, Susan was stunning in the afternoon sun.  It made us all the more eager for her wedding day that was quickly approaching!

Susan, thank you for choosing Riverland Studios to capture your beautiful bridal portraits.  We loved getting to know you and your family and had the best time with all of you!

Photographer: Emily B. | Editor: Alexis



Venue: The William Aiken House | Gown Boutique: New York Bride and Groom