Rachel & Tony { Vintage Downtown Charleston Engagement }

Haley ventured to the peninsula for some vintage downtown Charleston engagement portraits, and we’re excited to share these fun moments with you today.  Rachel and Tony began with a few drinks in a retro bar featuring dark stained walls with tall windows.  Rachel was simply stunning in her form-fitting black dress with tied grey shawl and period hairstyle.  Tony was handsome in his crisp white button-up and blue jeans.  Rachel was a piece of history dropped into 21st century Charleston and we love her vintage look against the modern courtyard.

After a quick wardrobe change, and a few moments dancing on a cobblestone path, the duo trekked out to see more of scenic downtown.  Rachel’s dark blue and white flapper dress looked fantastic alongside the greys and greens of the city while Tony looked dapper in a sports coat and tie with blue jeans and sneakers.  The mesh of vintage and modern again created some fantastic portraits.  Haley found so many lovely backdrops for the duo, including a light wooden door, a lovely vine-covered entryway and a modern grey wall with black iron accents.  We simply adore the last few moments, however, as the cobbled stone and ironwork created an idyllic atmosphere perfect for the vintage theme and the aged double doors were the perfect end to such a beautiful day.

Thank you both again so much for inviting us along for some incredibly fun moments and we look forward to more of the same as your wedding day arrives.  Congratulations again!

Photographer: Haley | Editor: Noni