“I love dancing and having a good time at weddings too – especially to Tina Turner’s, Proud Mary! If your band plays this at your wedding, you may just see a Tina “wannabe” holding a camera and trying to hold back a few dance moves!”

Jennings has had a love for photography since she received her first Fisher Price camera at age 8, and weddings have been in the forefront of her mind since she was a little girl.  She remembers pretending to be a bride walking through her house with a white bedspread over her head after seeing Princess Diana walk down the aisle on TV!

Jennings has a true passion for the visual arts and capturing moments that might be overlooked. Her background in Printing and Design from Clemson University strengthens her own natural creative spirit, and her photography style includes extensive use of natural light to enhance the realism of the emotions and settings that are unique to weddings and family gatherings.  She has a love for people, and her creativity and warm personality shine through in her photographs – you can truly see her love and passion for capturing memories!

Jennings lives with her husband Brennen in Charleston, SC, and together they love to travel anywhere with sand and sun!  When she’s not working, she is heading down to one of her favorite downtown restaurants, playing golf, or decorating her house.

Recent Shoots