Katy & DJ { Boone Hall Plantation Engagement Portraits }

Cana was in Mount Pleasant recently for some romantic Boone Hall Plantation engagement portraits and we’re quite excited to share them with you today! Boone Hall is located about fifteen minutes northeast of Charleston and is one of the area’s most popular wedding venues. Raised outside of the South, Katy really wanted to capture the essence of the Lowcountry in her engagement portraits and Boone Hall is an ideal location for that vision. Cana made excellent use of Boone Hall’s abundant natural beauty to frame Katy and DJ’s portraits. The couple were very relaxed and in the moment – just being with one another and showing affection always makes for great portraits. We especially love the photo of them in the tree with the late afternoon sun backlighting them in beautiful light.

Katy and DJ were very adventurous and Cana had a lot of fun with them. After climbing trees at Boone Hall, they went for a little trek to reach the beach at Isle of Palms and Cana captured a gorgeous photo of the two of them holding onto one another with a field of beach grass stretching to the ocean in the distance. Katy’s white sundress was perfect for the weather and complimented DJ’s baby blue and khaki ensemble. The portraits of them sitting on the dunes are beautiful and fit the beach theme that Katy was hoping for. Walking down the beach hand-in-hand, they looked so beautiful together. Cana took the opportunity to take separate portraits of them in front of the ocean and we love Katy playing in the waves. As the sun set on the horizon, casting a glittering fire on the water, Katy and DJ shared one more kiss to wrap up their portraits.

We would like to thank the both of you again for choosing Riverland Studios to capture this beautiful moment in your lives. Good luck as you head towards your wedding and may you be blessed in your travels!

Photographer: Cana | Editor: Noni

Venues: Boone Hall Plantation & Isle of Palms