Eryn { Downtown Charleston Senior Portraits }

We’ve all seen the posed yearbook senior portraits with tense smiles and uncomfortable attire.  Those photos often don’t reflect the style and personality of young adults, which is why we love the trend of embracing a separate portrait session to craft photos that perfectly embody who these soon-to-be graduates are.  Downtown Charleston senior portraits turns the norm on its ear, letting the student choose the setting, the wardrobe, and anything else that truly fits his or her personality.  For Eryn, a drive from Tennessee wasn’t going to stop her from getting the exact look she wanted for her portraits, and Haley was there to catch every moment.  The pair started down a quiet lane with a wrought iron fence on one side.  Eryn was lovely in her black dress and strappy heels complimented beautifully by a simple black choker.  Her smile was dazzling as they moved around the city and we especially adore the portraits of her leaned against the fence with the greenery peeking through.  It was a serene moment in a beautiful day.  Haley chose some of the area’s unique facades for portraits.  Whether Eryn was lounging on a stoop or curtsying between two windows, she rocked it all the way.

The second half of the photos was marked by a more relaxed look with Eryn opting for a grey top and blue jeans complimented by black wedges perfect for a sunny Charleston day.  Haley snapped a few quick portraits of her surrounded by green and we love the patchwork of shadows on the ground below.  Several vehicles made appearances, including a bicycle and red vespa but we were in love with the vintage black car with red accents.  Eryn looked right at home leaned up against the car, creating a fantastic photo with plenty of personality.  Moments like those are the highlights of private senior portraits.  Lastly, Haley found a bright blue door that added a dazzling burst of color and went well with Eryn’s grey and blue ensemble.  It was the perfect end to such a fun day!

Thank you for letting us get to know you better and take a few portraits that fit your fun personality.  We wish you the best of luck with everything life has to offer!

Photographer: Haley | Editor: Noni