Ten tips for great wedding photos

Hope you enjoy our list of ten great tips for brides and grooms on how to get the most out of your wedding photography!

1. Don’t skimp on photographyBesides your marriage (and your rings), there is only one other element of your wedding day that is meant to last a lifetime — your photographs. While the dress may be something you’ve been dreaming about, you wear it once. Other aspects are certainly important, but none of them should carry the same weight as photography. And investment doesn’t always equate to quality. Spend the time to find a photographer you’ll be comfortable with on your day. Study their photos and make sure you feel a connection with their work.


2. Hire a wedding planner – Event coordinators and designers make your decor look great and it shows. Experienced planners also keep the photographer updated on the schedule throughout the day. A well-prepared photographer will be ready to capture each candid moment.

3. Choose a scenic venue – Your venue won’t just be what your guests see when you tie the knot, it’s what you’ll see the rest of your life in pictures. Find a place that is beautiful to you and you won’t regret it!

4. Pay attention to detail – Details add an important level of interest to your wedding day and your photos. Consider a theme that has special meaning to you and create details that tell your story.

5. Consider the light – A candlelit reception may seem romantic and intimate when you’re planning, but understand your photographer will need to use flash to overcome the lack of light. Instead of candles, try using strategically placed up-lighting, chandelier light, or creative table lights. The extra ambient light will add interest to your reception and your photos.

6. Don’t rush your day – It’s going to fly by but build in plenty of buffer time for the unexpected. If you’re dying to add one more activity into an already packed schedule, think again. Once you feel rushed, it’s hard to catch up and there is a good chance it will show in your photos.

7. Consider a “first look” – Seeing your soon-to-be spouse alone prior to the ceremony is just as special as seeing them for the first time walking down the isle. Many couples that decide on a first look say it took the tension out of waiting all day and made them feel more relaxed to have their couple photos finished. You won’t have to worry about making guests wait at the reception either!

8. Go outside for formal shots – If you have a choice between formal photos inside a church using flash or outside using natural light with a nice backdrop, go outside.

9. Take the time for couples’ photos – Too often, the bride and groom choose not to spend enough time alone with their photographer on the day of the wedding. Instead of rushing to the reception, try to dedicate at least 30 minutes with your photographer alone after the ceremony or during a “first look”. Years later, you’ll be glad to have those captured moments of just the two of you.

10. Don’t expect perfection – After months of preparation, it’s time to relax and let the day happen. There will surely be an unexpected twist, so just accept it. Savor each moment and remember the reason you are there. Go with the flow and your photos will reflect your positive spirit.

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