New Photo Booth Service!

You’ve GOT to check out our latest photo booth video from Margaret and Jeff’s wedding at the Legare Waring House shot by Juliet Elizabeth Photography. We are now offering the photo booth service for our wedding clients of both brands (Juliet Elizabeth and Riverland Studios).

The service includes an attendant and photo booth for 4 hours, an online gallery for downloading and ordering prints, and an HD video like you see here set to music!

For any of you photographers interested in trying your hand at offering this service, I’ve included my bill of material. I recommend a bigger monitor. 7″ was adequate but 9″+ would be better! I also purchased two sandbags, and realized I needed at least two more. Last thing to always remember about operating a photo booth like this is – never leave it unattended 🙂

  • AlienBee ABR800 Ringflash, http://www.paulcbuff.com/abr800.php, $399
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II Camera
  • Canon EOS 35mm f/1.4L Lens (or 24-70mm f/2.8L)
  • Light stand
  • Canon RC-6 wireless remote switch
  • Canon wired remote switch RS-80N3, $46.95
  • Canon extension cord ET-1000N3, $74.95
  • Photoflex Heavy-duty background stand kit, $233.95
  • Adjustable Clamp Company 2” clamps, $2.40 x4
  • Impact empty saddle Sandbags, $18.95 x2
  • Interfit 8 x 9’ Master’s Muslin Background (white), $59.99
  • Marshall Electronics M-CT7 7” HDMI monitor, $359.95
  • Pearstone 8.3” Articulating Arm w/ ¼” 20 screw and shoe mount adaptor, $40
  • Props (White boards, chalk boards, mustache, bow ties, hats)
  • Power strip
  • Medium-sized table (for props)
  • Sekonic Flash Master L-358 light meter
  • Easel and photo booth sign
  • Link cards and card holder