Fashion Advice for Engagement Shoots

Hey brides! Lucy here. I’ve been dying to write a post about what to wear (and not wear) during an engagement shoot, so here it is! I’ve put together a list of things I’ve noticed through second shooting and editing pictures this year and I hope you find them helpful for upcoming shoots! Also, I included tips about what to do with your hair and makeup so that it turns out looking great in your pictures. Comment with any other questions you have!



    • Wear different textures and fabrics; they will make the image look dynamic and have more movement. Photographers LOVE when their clients layer their clothing. The pictures are more interesting, have more movement, and look relaxed and fashionable. Also, throughout the shoot, you can take jackets off, add different pieces, and it will look like you had a wardrobe change! Try to layer with jackets, hats, jewelry, leggings, scarves, etc.
    • When thinking about the patterns of your clothing, don’t pick anything too bold or large. Smaller, simpler patterns will lead to the couple’s faces and not take away from the picture. Bolder patterns will be distracting and will take all of the focus and attention.


    • If you want a dynamic picture (like the image below), wear clothes with fabric that move. A great example of this is chiffon, or a dress that flows.




  • Try not to wear all light colors. It is too reflective and will make the image look flat.
  • Don’t match your man. COORDINATE. The shoot will turn out cheesy if the two of you are wearing the same articles of clothing. Instead, coordinate colors and wear different patterns/textures. Wear colors that complement each other instead of colors that compete with each other.
  • All black and white clothing makes for boring images. If you want a fun and interesting shoot, be bold with your color. If you are going to wear white, don’t wear WHITE white; instead, wear off-white or cream.




  • Check the weather. If it is windy out, DO NOT choose to wear your hair down. You will be aggravated all day with making sure your hair is out of your face. Instead, choose to pull your hair up or pin it to the side. The images will look a lot cleaner and people won’t focus on your crazy hair blowing everywhere.
  • Make sure your hair looks great from both sides. Your photographer will most likely shoot you from all angles, so it’s not the time to have a “good side.”




  • Wear makeup that is defining and makes your skin glow, but most importantly, brings out your natural features. Make sure you don’t choose heavy eye makeup because it will make your eyes look very inset. We want you to be comfortable, so don’t wear so much makeup that you don’t look like yourself.
  • Your engagement shoot is a great day to try out your makeup for the wedding. Consider hiring a professional makeup artist because they know which types of makeup (and how much) to use to bring out your beautiful features. Most importantly, wear color on your lips!




  • If your groom is very tall, wear heels! That way, you can take some pictures on the same level and not look too short next to him.
  • Accessorize and wear jewelry! The picture will be a lot more interesting if you have prepared and styled your shoot. It will add a touch of shine and make the picture more dynamic. Also, if you are wearing a super girly dress, pair it with some edgy jewelry, and vice versa. You don’t have to wear every accessory at the start of the shoot; you can add and take pieces away as the shoot goes on.
  • Side Note: Your photographer might want to get pictures of your ring, so get those nails painted!




  • Girls, wear a dress, skirt, or something feminine; it’s always easier to take pictures when the bride feels confident, glamorous, and beautiful.
  • Say no to logos. The pictures won’t look as natural and the viewer will focus more on what you are wearing than the actual people in the shot.
  • You are welcome to bring an outfit change, but make sure you have a place to change (or be comfortable with changing in the car!). One idea is to bring a formal outfit, and also a casual outfit. That way, you can match your location if you change venues.
  • Don’t wear anything too TOO trendy. I love keeping up with the current trends, but don’t wear something that you’re going to regret in a couple of years. We want your images to be timeless.
  • Don’t wear anything that isn’t your style. Be yourself! If you are uncomfortable in your clothes, it will show in the pictures. We want you to feel awesome in your clothes so that you look confident during the shoot. If it’s a new outfit, wear it around the house for an hour to make sure it fits you correctly. Also, break in your shoes!
  • Make sure your clothing fits the environment. For example, if you are at a chic hotel, you don’t want to show up in shorts or a sun dress.



I hope this was helpful! Don’t be scared to ask your photographer for advice, or even bring him/her options for the shoot. They will know what will turn out best in the pictures. And just remember, if you feel beautiful and confident during the shoot, it will show in your pictures! Have fun 🙂

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