The Powells { Isle of Palms Family Portraits }

We’re so happy to bring you some Isle of Palms family portraits today that embrace the playfulness of childhood.  Emily headed 20 minutes outside of Charleston to spend time with 4 young cousins and captured some beautiful memories.  The little ones don’t get to see much of one another; so, it was important to commemorate the rare occasion.  Keeping in the spirit of vacation on Charleston’s breezy beaches, each wore a pretty white sundress and they all looked so ADORABLE!!!

We love the spirit of adventure on each little girl’s face as they frolicked by the water.  How cute is the youngest lady as she realizes that wet sand probably doesn’t go in her hair.  Her face is priceless!  Emily made sure to catch them having fun and just playing with one another.  As anyone with children knows, it’s usually impossible to keep one sitting still for very long, much less four.  It’s the little moments like playing ring around the rosie or walking hand in hand into the waves that can be looked back on years later.  We’re so incredibly happy to have been able to capture these fun lifestyle portraits of such sweet little girls!

Thank you again for inviting us into your family for just a little while.  We won’t soon forget all of the fun your children had as they played together and spent precious time with one another.  It was a wonderful experience!

Photographer: Emily | Editor: Julia

The Powells { Isle of Palms Family Portraits }