Sabra & Dagan { Kiawah Island Maternity }

Emily ventured an hour south of Charleston for some beautiful Kiawah Island maternity portraits, and we’re so happy to share her experiences with you today!  Kiawah’s abundant natural beauty lent itself perfectly to all of the portraits and the mother-t0-be was stunning!  Sabra and Dagan began the day together, walking hand in hand around one of the island’s resorts.  His comfortable white button-up and khakis were perfect for the beach atmosphere but Sabra was the superstar.  A pink printed sundress, flowing lace cape and tan wedges were right at home on the manicured grass with the waves rolling in the distance.

Kiawah has many areas that are perfect for portraits, from the beach to the beautiful resort grounds, and Emily made the best of the location for Sabra.  All of the beach grass and greenery were a gorgeous backdrop for natural portraits.  We adore Sabra’s smile as she ran her hands over her baby bump.  Hello there!  The couple walked around while Emily stayed at a distance, capturing candid portraits of the soon-to-be parents.

We absolutely love that Sabra took an ice cream break.  The cravings are real y’all, no lie.  After her sweet treat, it was time to head to the beach.  The cloudless summer day had the sun glittering off the sand, making Sabra glow that much more.  We love their laughter as they walked together down the beach just out of the surf.  Soon, it was time to draw the day to a close; so, they ventured away from the beach to a quiet garden.  With pink flowers dotted all around and wide branches filtering the sunlight, Sabra and Dagan held onto one another, anxiously awaiting the arrival of their little one.

Thank you both for such a perfect day.  Sabra, you are so beautiful and after spending a day with you, we just know you two are going to be amazing parents.  Congratulations in advance!

Photographer: Emily B. | Editor: Priscilla