Lynae & Daniel { Downtown Charleston Engagement Portraits }

Shannon recently caught up with Lynae and Daniel for some Downtown Charleston engagement portraits and we can’t wait for you to see some of our favorites from their session. Lynae and Daniel met through a co-worker and both profess a love for the water and hope to one day settle near the beach. Shannon took their outgoing and playful nature and coupled it with some of Charleston’s picturesque locations and the results are amazing. We love the portrait of the couple in the archway with the wrought iron gate behind them. Lynae’s deep blue dress is complimented beautifully by a leather belt and boots. Daniel’s plaid button up and jeans compliment Lynae perfectly.

Later in the session, the couple changed outfits to sport a more fall style with Daniel donning a grey sweater and Lynae’s fuchsia blouse adding a nice pop of color. Their kiss under an arch covered with maple leaves is so beautiful and really captures the romantic landscape of Charleston in October. We adore some of the walls that Shannon found to serve as backdrops for portraits. The textures add another element to each picture and offers eclectic options all within a few blocks of Historic Charleston. With a couple that are water enthusiasts, a trip to the Battery was a given and we are absolutely captivated by the image of Lynae and Daniel holding on to one another with waves slowly rolling behind them. Finally, an idyllic cobblestone street served as the lasting impression from this beautiful occasion and Shannon captured the couple’s Downtown walkabout perfectly.

Thank you both again for choosing Riverland Studios for your engagement portraits. Congratulations again on your engagement!

Photographer: Shannon | Editor: Amanda