Liz & Allen { Downtown Charleston Engagement Portraits }

Amanda had the pleasure of shooting Liz and Allen’s Downtown Charleston engagement portraits and we’re excited to share them with you! Amanda found many hidden away paths and alleys away from the busy Charleston streets to capture the couple in a more relaxed atmosphere. The session began in a quaint and quiet location with a weathered brick wall, cobblestones and overhanging trees. Liz and Allen let their love for each other shine through with several sweet shows of affection. Amanda made sure to capture every moment she could between these two lovebirds and included some iconic Charleston pieces, such as intricate ironwork. One black and white image is especially striking with the textured walls on either side and a unique, almost geometric tree reaching up behind them.

If you happened to be walking around Downtown on this particular day, you may have had the pleasure of hearing some beautiful guitar music. That could have been Allen, an avid guitar player whose love of music and skill on the strings play a big part of his and Liz’s everyday lives. It’s no wonder they wanted it to be part of their engagement portraits! They began against a light blue wall, with Liz cuddled up next to Allen as he smiled at her and played. Afterwards, the duo took a walk along the marsh and we were treated to another tender moment with Liz and Allen nose-to-nose and the harbor in the background. A quick stop down another quiet alley brought this beautiful experience to a close, with Allen (his guitar strapped to his back) and Liz lost in each other’s eyes.

Congratulations again you two on your engagement and we look forward to seeing you in the spring for your wedding at Harborside East.

Photographer / Editor: Amanda


Venue: Charleston, SC