Licher { Downtown Charleston Anniversary Portraits }

We’re excited to share a few Downtown Charleston anniversary portraits that Emily captured.  We are always blessed to see couples through their wedding, some even from the engagement, but we are always looking for those who want to capture the celebration of their anniversary.  The Lichers wanted a new adventure for their anniversary and chose the Holy City, wanting to include some of our famous southern charm in their portraits.  Emily met with them on a quiet lane away from the bustling city and led them through some of Charleston’s beautiful locales.  They both chose outfits perfect for the seasonably warm afternoon, an airy off the shoulder top and jeans for her and a casual v-neck and grey khaki shorts for him.

As they walked, Emily chose some of Charleston’s iconic architecture and serene outdoor locations as beautiful backdrops to the flirty and fun portraits.  We love that the duo were so willing to be themselves; it made for beautiful photos!  The photo on the cobblestone street with the aged brick wall in the background perfectly captured the quiet essence of the city and the Licher’s personalities.  She looks so happy to just be there with him.  Not enough can be said about the little bit of time sitting on the park bench with sunlight filtering through the trees all around them.  The happiness between the two of them is tangible and it’s apparent that after years of marriage, the magic is still alive and well.

Thank you both for choosing us to join in your special occasion and we wish you many more years of bliss.  Congratulations again!

Photographer: Emily | Editor: Julia

Licher { Downtown Charleston Anniversary Portraits }