Leslie { Wickliffe House Bridal Portraits }

Amanda had the privilege of capturing some absolutely stunning Wickliffe House bridal portraits, and we’re so happy that we’re finally able to share them with you!  The Wickliffe House is one of Charleston’s iconic historic houses and features stunning architecture, a beautifully preserved interior and gorgeous grounds perfect for any event.  Our lovely bride Leslie was so much fun to spend time with and simply stunning.  Her linen ballgown with textured lace overlay looked right at home in the sophisticated interior of the Wickliffe House.  A silver beaded belt with ribbon tie was the perfect compliment and looked amazing with her dress.  The house’s vibrant colors added a pop to the photographs but we’re especially in love with the portrait of Leslie on the stairs.  With her dress and beautifully styled hair, she reminds us of a Southern belle caught making her way down to a Charleston soiree.

For the second half of Amanda’s time with Leslie, the duo headed to Boone Hall Plantation.  Springtime in the Charleston area is a gorgeous time as flowers are re-emerging from their winter disappearing act.  The pops of pinks and oranges around town create the ideal backdrop for light and lovely bridal portraits.  Boone Hall is one of Charleston’s most stunning locations anytime but springtime is dazzling.  We love the images of Leslie under the live oaks.  The Spanish moss hanging down from the branches stretching into the distance with sunlight filtering between them creates a gorgeous, Southern atmosphere that her dress was made for.  The final portrait in our feature is incredible, with seemingly endless trees stretching all around Leslie.  Absolutely stunning.

Thank you again for choosing us to capture your bridal portraits and including us in your wedding day.  It was an amazing event and we can’t wait to share that with the world too!  Congratulations!

Photographer: Amanda | Editor: Julia