Kristen & Dylon { Downtown Charleston Engagement Portraits }

The peninsula is a popular destination during the springtime and Shannon recently spent some time there for a series of gorgeous downtown Charleston engagement portraits. Here are some of our favorites! To capture the essence of Charleston and frame Kristen and Dylon beautifully, Shannon found unique facades and gardens for her couple. We love the polished doors, winding marble stairs, wrought iron and cherry blossoms. Each served as a perfect backdrop for our smiling duo and provided something unique to each portrait. What really made these portraits fantastic was the laid back personalities of Kristen and Dylon who never lost their smiles.

As much as we love the architecture and natural beauty of Downtown, something has to be said about the different ensembles our couple wore. The day started casually with both sporting jeans, Kristen in a layered grey and burgundy look that matched Dylon’s red, white and blue plaid shirt. Kristen’s boots were perfect for the day, stylish and comfortable for everything Shannon had planned. Then, it was time for something a bit more formal, with Dylon donning his army uniform. Kristen wowed in her salmon colored dress and strapped flats. The portraits that followed are beautiful, with the duo being more comfortable and holding onto one another a bit more. They look so incredibly perfect together, sharing one last kiss on the Battery with waves lapping gently behind them.

Dylon, thank you so much for your service to our country.

Thank you two again for inviting us to be a part of your wedding team. We absolutely cannot wait for your special day at the beautiful Pepper Plantation this coming Autumn! Congratulations again!

Photographer: Shannon | Editor: Noni