Kilby & Kyle { Charleston Waterfront Engagement }

Shannon recently had the privilege of capturing some fun Charleston waterfront engagement portraits around the iconic Battery, and we’re elated to share her experiences with you today.  The Charleston waterfront is absolutely stunning, featuring picturesque views of the Harbor and the Arthur Ravenel bridge as well as the gateway to the Atlantic Ocean – Fort Sumter.  Kilby and Kyle wanted something a bit lighthearted for their engagement portraits but definitely wanted the waterside views that the Battery offers.  They were both in seasonal attire trending a bit formal with her in a navy blue and gold dress and him sporting matching navy khakis and a white collared button-up.

The Charleston weather can be a bit unpredictable and the overcast skies were taunting the chance of rain.  But partway through the session, some stunning light broke through the clouds allowing for some soft, sunset hues to peek through.  We love the background of the ocean and the wind blowing their hair as it creates a more natural feel as opposed to stiff poses.  The photo of them standing atop the dual stairs above the grotto is a favorite!  Many of the nearby street feature homes with ivy-covered walls and we like the pop of green around the duo.  The afternoon ended on a marshside dock overlooking the Harbor with the bridge in the distance.  With just a touch of pink in the sky, they shared one last kiss for the camera – a romantic end to a beautiful day.

Thank you for allowing us to tag along for these fun moments, and we’re looking forward to meeting up with you again next Spring for your big day!

Photographer: Shannon | Editor: Priscilla