The Golems { Kiawah Island Family Portraits }

Emily traveled an hour south of Charleston for some lovely Kiawah Island family portraits, and we’re excited to share our favorites with you today!  Kiawah’s beaches and resorts are popular among families for their seclusion and peacefulness and the Golems were looking for a beautiful locale for their first portraits as a family of 5.  Blue was the theme of the day with the boys dressed in handsome button-ups and seasonal shorts and the ladies in beautiful dresses.  Emily chose one of Kiawah’s beautiful parks to begin the day and the Golems had a blast underneath the ancient trees.  The boys ran around with Dad and spent a bit of time enjoying the beautiful day.  Meanwhile, the ladies were having some fun on their own.  And we got a sweet smile from their adorable daughter!

The trees gave way to sea breeze and rolling waves for the second half of the afternoon.  Before the beach, everyone stopped on a path for a lovely family picture.  On the sand, everyone was enamored with the water, with the kids chasing the waves.  Dad and Mom played with their little ones and everyone was all smiles, especially the little girl again.  Check out Dad tossing little man up in the air and he’s just loving it!  Emily ended the day with the family walking into the water together, enjoying the experience with one another.

Thank you all for inviting us to be a part of your family for the afternoon.  We had such a blast getting to know all of you!

Photographer: Emily | Editor: Alexis

Kiawah Island Family Photos
The Golems { Kiawah Island Family Portraits }