Fagan Family { Kiawah Island Family Portraits }

Bridgit spent some time on the beach this August for some laughter-filled Kiawah Island family portraits, and we’re happy to share our favorites today.  The Fagans were in town vacationing and celebrating their parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. Since everyone was gathered together they wanted to have pictures taken to commemorate the occasion.  The resort on Kiawah Island is gorgeous, featuring beautiful architecture and lush gardens but the real draw is just a short walk away.  Kiawah’s beaches are pristine and private, perfect for families just wanting to reconnect and escape from distraction.

Bridgit began on the beach with everyone together.  As family portraits go, we always love it when groups just laugh through everything.  Formal pictures are great and wonderful for scrapbooks but those candid moments that are playful and show family members’ personalities – those are the moments we live for.  They walked down the beach together, swinging the little ones and just having the time of their lives as a gentle breeze blew in off of the surf.  Everyone was dressed for the beach, sticking to a theme of blue, white and khaki with airy tops, shorts and dresses.  We loved any moment we could spend with the young gentlemen.  They were devilishly handsome with smiles to match and we adore the last portrait in the series with both of them smiling widely for their close-up with untold mischief unfolding in brilliant blue eyes.

Thank you all again so much for allowing us to spend time with you during your vacation.  We had a great time getting to know you and hope that your time in Charleston was relaxing and refreshing!

Photographer: Bridgit | Editor: Julia

Fagan { Kiawah Island Family Portraits }